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Decision Support

Business Case Development and Analysis

Our professionals can develop your business case and/or business plan for both the private and public sectors. In addition, we provide 3-way cash flow forecast models, options analysis, and sensitivity/scenario analysis.

Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis

Our professionals provide a variety of budgeting, forecasting, resource planning, project finance modeling, financial and fundamental analysis in the private and public sectors. We ensure that management receives the analysis they need to make informed business decisions.

Financial and Process Reviews

Our professionals can help your organization, department, or agency assess its financial policies, processes, procedures and control frameworks to ensure that they are aligned with its strategic priorities and objectives. We also perform value-for-money assessments. In addition, we help our clients setup financial governance and reporting structures to monitor and measure its financial performance.

Non-Profit Financial and Strategic Planning

Our experience in the non-profit sector allows us to provide financial planning and advisory services to non-profit clients. Our services includes financial and fundamental analysis, budgeting and forecasting, fundraising target setting, financial modeling and analysis, and performance measurement and analysis. We also offer an increased return to our non-profit clients, either through a discount on fees or via a donation to the charity.

Partner Services

We have close partnerships with accountants, tax planners, investment advisors, real estate appraisers, restructuring advisors and other financial professionals should you require additional services. We would be happy to refer you to any of our partners.