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Algo Value

In addition to providing robust and defensible valuation reports in accordance with the CICBV* Practice Standards in Canada, Capacity Financial Consulting is experienced in providing US equity valuations that comply with the AICPA Guidance for the Valuation of Privately-Held Complex Capital Structures, such as the valuation of preferred shares, warrants, options, convertible debt and common shares with differing rights and privileges. We also provide IRS 409A compliant valuations. We are able to provide both Canadian and US equity valuations through our strategic partnership with AlgoValue Inc. (, a US-based, 3rd-party software provider.

We use the AlgoValue software on all of our valuation engagements when we are valuing various classes of shares, and to ensure compliance with Canadian and US accounting and tax guidance. In addition, you or your clients could benefit from having an AlgoValue software license to perform the following critical tasks for Board of Directors presentations and Management decision making:

  1. Creating Investment Waterfalls for every share class or shareholder, demonstrating the value appreciation or depreciation of individual holdings;
  2. Performing simulations of equity financing and liquidity events to determine whether financing offers are truly accretive to the founders or to private equity or venture capital investors; and
  3. Providing a secure, cloud-based integrated platform for sharing all investment information and financing rounds, updated in real time.
OP Track

OPTRACK is a fully secure, web-based solution for managing and accounting for all types of stock based compensation plans. It tracks all activities related to employee stock options and other types of equity instruments in real time for publicly traded and private companies.

OPTRACK handles the full administration, valuation, expensing, reporting, tax, share dilution and the complete note disclosures for all forms of stock based compensation. OPTRACK features have helped speed up and simplify the reporting process for all of their clients.